Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat! Happy Birthday Vietnamese Style

Celebrate your child's first birthday Vietnamese style in this article from Chao Ban Newsletter for Vietnam Adoption.

Birthday Celebration PictureFor your child's first birthday you might want to partake of an additional ceremony that can be fun for everyone in your family. This custom is derived from the Chinese ceremony, and seems to be celebrated in many parts of Asia, for enjoyment as much as for its intrinsic meaning. In Vietnam, it is more commonly observed in the cities.

A number of objects are laid out on a tray and presented to the baby. The one she reaches for, indicates her future. The number and type of objects can vary; a variety of objects can make for fun choices.

Le, a 15 year old exchange student staying with Erin Henderson, shared some of the objects her family uses:

Add your own ideas - perhaps a basketball ball for sports or an AOL disc for your future computer programmer.

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