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Home Maintenance Tips During Rainy Season

It is during the rainy season that we spend a lot of time at home. It is advisable to put preventive measures even before the rains begin. Rains are usually lovely; however, downpours may impact our houses in different ways, such as leakages, seepages, rusting, and other damage forms.

Here are maintenance tips for sustaining your home during the rainy season and retaining your love for the season.

Check your roofing

The roof shields water from pouring into the house. The roofing is, therefore, of primary importance during downpours. Always check for any possible cracks, holes, broken shingles, or even chimney damage.

These breakages may not be visible to a naked eye since they are sometimes tiny.  You can use binoculars to help you see them better.  In case there are damages, ensure to repair them to avoid frustrations when it rains.

Also, make sure to have a look at the gutters in case of blockage or granules. Clean the gutters and pipes to unclog them so as water does not accumulate on your roof. More interesting inside can be found in Greenworld Gutter Cleaning Service website.

The ceiling may also have leakages. In case there are rings of cold patches or discoloration due to water, take the necessary action to avoid further damage.

Repair water-logged  walls

Monitor the walls for any signs of seepage. They could appear as a patch or ring, and sometimes, a gross black substance could grow on the wall, mold.  Mold could also occur as tiny bumps underneath the painting. 

Repair the walls, and probably call a professional who provides such services for better results. Clean pipes that run along the walls to prevent waterlogging and seepages. Additionally, waterproof paints offer a protective coating throughout the season an even after the rains are gone.

Check for broken doors or windows

If your door and windows do not close correctly, water will still get into the house somehow. Ensure to check and make the required fixings.


For wooden floors, use wax sealants for cracks. These floors are easily damaged by moisture buildup.

Fix the drainage system

Look for any cracks on the walkways and garbage that may cause blockage on the drainage pipes.

Move furniture away from the wall

Keep furniture some distance from the wall to prevent moisture transfer. Also, for further maintenance, apply a lacquer layer or polish on all wooden furniture to protect it from moisture. 

Proper ventilation

Use dehumidifiers and air purifiers to keep the house ventilated. Thus, preventing germs and foul smells.

Electricity supply maintenance

Since water and electricity do not rhyme, an unkempt power supply may cause short circuits or even serious havoc at home. Ensure there are no naked power cables and call a professional if need be. Also, keep all electronics away from damp or wet places in the house.

Provide racks for wet equipment

You should not put wet equipment such as umbrellas and raincoats together with the dry ones. Provide shelves or hangers somewhere close to the main entrance for easier maintenance. 


Rainy seasons are not meant to ruin your b bringing damages or any other unpleasant effects. With these useful home maintenance tips, the rainy season won’t be a burgage to you.

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