Vietnam Adoption Articles from Chao Ban Newsletter

Read sample articles on Vietnam adoption from previous Chao Ban Newsletters.

Each issue of Chao Ban brings you informative articles, news and resources on Vietnam adoption, adoptive parenting, and Vietnamese culture. To provide a flavor of the top quality aritcles you will recieve, here is a sample of Vietnam adoption articles from previous issues,

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Vietnamese Culture Articles

Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat! Celebrate your child's first birthday Vietnamese style.

Banh Trung Banh Day Learn about the Vietnamese New Year with this Vietnamese story for Tet.

Navigating The Vietnamese-American Experience: An Open Letter To Our Children Nguyen Huy Vu is an accomplished journalist with the Seattle Times. He wrote this exclusively for the children of Chao Ban!

Memories of Vietnam David Lamb, author of Vietnam Now, shares his memories of Vietnam.

Vietnam Adoption Articles

Building a Cultural Identity Adoptive families answer the question, “How do you build Vietnamese cultural identity in your family?” in this Vietnam adoption article.

Vietnamese Adoptions Transform Society This article examines how adoption from Vietnam helps to create a healthier climate of acceptance.

A Guide to Vietnam Province Adoption Groups A Vietnam province or orphanage specific adoption group is one way to establish those all important connections for your child.

Adoption Parenting Articles

Mommy, Why Don't I Look Like You? Learn how to address differences in race with your child in this Vietnam adoption parenting article.

In the Zone Take a humorous look at new adoptive dads with this adoption parenting article.

Adoption Ethics Ethical adoption is examined in this interview with Adam Pertman, Adoption Institute Director and author of "Adoption Nation"

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